Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Box

made this box for my nieces birthdaysorry did i forget to tell you it was for a girl!!
followed Christina Griffiths and her box love this type of box.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Sleeping Cats

This photo was taken this morning Pollyanna (black cat) and Sammy (tabby) had a fight awhile ago I'm sure they were fighting over the space. Well Sammy gave up slept on my lap then jumped up and climbed onto the bed (it my folding box/trolley for carting my craft stuff around in) this is the result.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


I have spent most of the weekend doing groundwork. ???? What is that you ask?
Well I have shifter the tools shed and the greenhouse so when or if my new summerhouse turns up I will have prepared the ground for it.
I treated the fence and weeded the ground next job is to get and lay paving slabs.
Watch this space picture to follow. This is what I'm trying to achieve.

No this isn't mine but it will be something slightly similar.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Chloe's 14th Birthday Card

After taping the pattern curtesy of Judith Maslen to my homemade light box i traced the bear in black 0.2 ultra fine black pen. Then i turned the pattern over and used a mauve watercolour pencil for the dress and hat. Light brown for the fur dark brown for the eyes black for the nose. i turned it back over using a light blue gel pen filled in the flower petal trying to make them as forget-me-nots, for the flower centers i used a glitter mauve pens and for the hat band and green for the leaves Then just to round it off i added bling for earings. I cut the bear out and then.......yes i did alter it.after looking at it i wasn't happy with the results. So what did I do but took the stickers off had a brainstorm and decided it looked more like a shopping bag so i added 2 luggage labels 1 had shop on it the other Sale of course. put a "hapy Birthday " on it added a butterfly and a bow and some handles. hope you like it and i hope Chloe will also. thank you for reading this blog please feel free to follow if you want too.



Sunday, 9 June 2013

Homemade Box

This is curtesy of Christina Griffiths and just a trial run. As I never had any card for the 
base I used wrapping paper hoping it was thickish but sadly it is very thin, a lot less than
 80gsm I made the lid using some spare card and my new hot glue gun. I had made the
Flowers and butterflies with my brand new powder blue and teal big shot. Oh yes and a
 little bit of bling was added. I know it's not perfect but it was a trial and I must say I am 
Impressed. Never thought I had it in me.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Funky Moped - My Brothers Card

My Brothers Birthday Card.

I saw this curtesy of Judith Maslen and thought of my brother i traced the bike onto vellum using a silver gel pen filled the tyres and hand grips in with Marvy No. 1 black the red parts with Marvy No. 2 Red with the white it was a white
paint pen. At the moment im thinking of backing it onto a Union Jack.

this is the pattern i traced the "Funky Moped" from.
Using a picture i copied the Union Jack onto a piece of white cardstock. Using Marvy No. 3 Blue & Marvy No.2 Red.
 I glued the picture onto a red card adhered the vellum onto the union jack and finally added happy birthday stick-ons all around the card to hide the doublesided tape which showed through.


The Mask - Finished for my Sister-in-Law

Hello again folks this is the finshed "Mask Card". Excuse my manners but I must also thank Judith Maslen again for one of her patterns. Thank you Judith. After cutting out the mask i ummed & Arhed about what to do next so after awhile i added yellow ribbons some bling in the form of gold flowers some yellow feathers. Using my hot glue gun (ooh i love it) i glued it onto a gold card at a jaunty angle i then made a flower using cream card. i had fun embossing it in copper embossing powder (thats all i had) which turned out quite nice i think added some leaves in brown & cream used "Happy Birthday" stickers bought in Hobbycraft added a gold & vellum butterfly

The making of my sisters card

First thing i did was traced the lady onto vellum using 0.2 Fineline in black. I started by making sure I took my time as i wanted it to be right. coloured the headband and dress strap in "Marvy No.7 Orange" I used a Red Glitter Gel pen for her lips and a light blue for her eye.

 I used "Marvy No. 18 Dark Brown" for her hair.

I used an Orange wax crown and an imbossing tool to give the effect of feathers with a soft orangey look.
i stuck the vellum in a gold card with the oval aperture then i started on the parasol. I seem to have forgotten to take some photos of the parasol. But this is what I did I used the pattern traced it in white pencil I used a multi grid for the pattern. Then using a pricking tool I pricked all around the outside  and used parchment scissors to cut out the parasol. I assembled using double sided tape using wire for the main part wrapped it in white ribbon.

 I lined the card with cream card to cover the vellum attached the sentiment and
added the 2 gems to keep in the orange colour scheme.
Using the Freebie butterfly stencil i cut out 2 butterflies 1 in vellum and 1 in gold card and the spellbinders
 shapabilities Spiral Blossom 1 i cut out of cream card i added som leaves in various shade of cream/gold and
 finally added  a gold bow to the parasol. After sticking everything on this is the finished card.


Monday, 20 May 2013

My Sisters Card

Morning fellow crafters.
I have been busy making another card this time it is for my sister, its her birthday in July but better to create in advance i say (only because i never get it right first time). I must first take time to thank 2 people Judith Maslen & Sylvia Marshall both of these lovely ladies supplied me with the patterns to make it THANK YOU Judith & Sylvia. Another thing is i bought myself a glue gun (oh heaven) more im making a bit of a mess stringy bits everywhere oh well never mind its fun picking them off. These are the two pattern that i used. No i did not make a Christmas Card i used just the lady from 1 and the parasol from the other

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hubbies Birthday Card

Hubbies Birthday card

Ok here it is not perfect but neither am i!!! after several attempts this is the final one i used the "china Blue" & "Pear Green" promaker pens to colour the background and a white gel pen for the lines. i bought some kiddie birthday bags cutout and used one of the stadium, also the football. I made a banner and embossed it (first attempt) outlined it in white gel pen. cutout and coloured the badge added the "Loftus Road Stadium" sign to it and finally a birthday boy badge and rosette. Just in case you were wondering he likes Queens Park Rangers.

Monday, 6 May 2013

The mask stage 3

Ok now i have cut it out completely. Doesn't look too bad. Next stage is to mount it onto the card. Watch this space

The mask stage 2

In this stage I outlined in gold gel pen. I followed ish the embossing and pricking patterns I'm not very good with the cutting out yet (come to think of it I'm a bit ok) it's not looking too bad.

The mask

This is the original pattern for the mask. I never followed the instruction (naughty I know) I was only experimenting.

Monday, 29 April 2013

The Mask

This is a soon to be parchment project. This picture and pattern is curtesy of Judith Maslen she has a lot of patterns for sale this was one of them.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

60th Birthday Card

Morning Folks.
As you can see from the above card i'm most definately NOT a very good crafter! BUT yes there is a but i do my best (whatever that means). Anyway back to the card
I took a piece of black A4 card, trimmed it down to what took my fancy i then used some spare white card to make the shirt front. With my spellbinder edgeabilities i edged the shirt to make it look like a dress shirt then i noticed it is uneven. nevermind it looks ok if you are pissed. sorted out 4 black buttons. i had some lettered beads & foam numbers from Poundland so added them found "happy birthday" stick-on onto the pocket front made a hankie for the pocket which i used from the A4 black card i had along with the bowtie added some sparkle to it all. all thats left to do is later on is find a nice verse to go inside (its not his birthday till july). As i have said its not perfect but the thought and effort count. (I hope)

Friday, 26 April 2013


These photo's were produced in parchment/vellum myself I think it's a lovely art one I can do just about with a bit of tuition I might find I can follow the instruction......
How do you make them? You may or may not ask you trace the outline using either white ink/pencil/gel pen you will need a few pricking tools, embossing tools, coloured pens, markers scissors etc. come back soon

Hubby's birthday card

I'm trying (yes I known I'm very trying) where was I, oh yes I'm trying to make hubby a birthday card a picture will follow when completed. I wanted it to be a themed card (don't we always). Well you know what I mean don't you? You make a card with a person in mind that's ok but I can't for the life of me find what I'm looking for.............back some time soon to finish the card and this.......hahahaha

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Well here I am just starting the crafting, a bit late in life I know but you get bitten by the bug. I have made a few cards and I will put the pictures on at some stage when I find them. As to videos? Not too sure just yet. Maybe I can give them a go later........
I am 57 going on 10 haven't grown up yet not too sure if I want to either. I live in Surrey England. It's not a bad place when the sun shines.
Hobbies are family tree (it's been put away until the winter) and gardening. I have my veg seeds in the greenhouse.