Monday, 29 April 2013

The Mask

This is a soon to be parchment project. This picture and pattern is curtesy of Judith Maslen she has a lot of patterns for sale this was one of them.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

60th Birthday Card

Morning Folks.
As you can see from the above card i'm most definately NOT a very good crafter! BUT yes there is a but i do my best (whatever that means). Anyway back to the card
I took a piece of black A4 card, trimmed it down to what took my fancy i then used some spare white card to make the shirt front. With my spellbinder edgeabilities i edged the shirt to make it look like a dress shirt then i noticed it is uneven. nevermind it looks ok if you are pissed. sorted out 4 black buttons. i had some lettered beads & foam numbers from Poundland so added them found "happy birthday" stick-on onto the pocket front made a hankie for the pocket which i used from the A4 black card i had along with the bowtie added some sparkle to it all. all thats left to do is later on is find a nice verse to go inside (its not his birthday till july). As i have said its not perfect but the thought and effort count. (I hope)

Friday, 26 April 2013


These photo's were produced in parchment/vellum myself I think it's a lovely art one I can do just about with a bit of tuition I might find I can follow the instruction......
How do you make them? You may or may not ask you trace the outline using either white ink/pencil/gel pen you will need a few pricking tools, embossing tools, coloured pens, markers scissors etc. come back soon

Hubby's birthday card

I'm trying (yes I known I'm very trying) where was I, oh yes I'm trying to make hubby a birthday card a picture will follow when completed. I wanted it to be a themed card (don't we always). Well you know what I mean don't you? You make a card with a person in mind that's ok but I can't for the life of me find what I'm looking for.............back some time soon to finish the card and this.......hahahaha

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Well here I am just starting the crafting, a bit late in life I know but you get bitten by the bug. I have made a few cards and I will put the pictures on at some stage when I find them. As to videos? Not too sure just yet. Maybe I can give them a go later........
I am 57 going on 10 haven't grown up yet not too sure if I want to either. I live in Surrey England. It's not a bad place when the sun shines.
Hobbies are family tree (it's been put away until the winter) and gardening. I have my veg seeds in the greenhouse.