Sunday, 9 March 2014

A piece of cake.

This idea was borrow from a lady who made a lilac two tier cake, and this is my take on it.
The pattern for the cake slices was from Sam H Donald of Pootles fame. I decided to keep with the chocolate and cream theme. Each slice was made with stiff card covered with its coloured paper, I had a problem with keeping the cake slices closed so I found some ribbon hot glued it and everything stays nice and closed. For the flowers I used a die and quilling tools hot glued them onto a small disc. The idea for the swirls were they were going to be somewhere just not sure where, next came the candles how to make them ? Straws cut in half what to use for flames? I pondered this for a long time and while view some videos on you tube I had a brain storm quill them and shape them so I did. Then how to attaché them another brain storm there popped them into the flowers added the swirls to another candle. Cake finished